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What ‘Jamaica Skate Culture’ Foundation is about …

Skate as a social tool – our N° 1 priority

We think and experienced for ourselves that skateboarding is more than a sport activity, it is a powerful educational and social tool that can help individual to find and achieve their true potential. Enhancing self-confidence and self-esteem while teaching perseverance to achieve one’s goals. Assets needed for any human during his personal and or professional life : Like making fast decisions, throwing yourself into the arena, passing one’s limits, and do things you never thought you could ever do. These are some of the tricks skateboarding can teach us by practicing like others piano or meditation.

Out of many one skateboard family

Skateboarding is about balance…This can have a strong influence on your state of mind, especially when you’re a teenager. The produced Dopamine is transformed in a state of addictive happiness that no philosophy or political theory has to offer. A balance game leading sometimes to an Art form and like it or not to this Olympe peak ! Skate Culture has spread on every continent : from California to Europe, Africa, Asia and now Jamaica…Thanks to NGO like Concrete Jungle,  Wonders around the World or Make Life Skate Life with their volunteers from so many countries who have built a lot these past years. ” Skateboarders have no borders

Educational program through Skateboarding  “EDUSKATE ME”

Our program ‘EDUSKATEME‘ is made to help underprivileged kids to GO BACK TO SCHOOL while helping them to reveal their talent through a regular training with experienced skaters and material support (school fee, books, uniforms, bus fare, etc) and skate gear as a reward for taking school work seriously. The final goal is not building champions or pro skateboarders but to give to each a positive experience that could be use for the rest of one’s life. The most gifted and hard working ones will travel around the world and will have their life transformed from a piece of wood. That will be the result of their talents and behaviors. We can only give them tools to get there. Becoming a skate teacher for some will be already a great way to transmit their passion and to get a job they love. For others this experience will remind them that education is the key to freedom and to independence.
May they ‘SKATE FOR LIFE’ and give back what was given…

OUR INTENTIONS – Letter to the Minister of sports

March 2019 – learn more click the link above


Our actions are strongly linked to educational purposes, prevention of violence, delinquency, and all kind of racism toward minorities seen or unseen, respect of women and all those who suffer from social discrimination, rejected by family for traditional or religious beliefs. Click ACTIONS for more

Work areas

-BUILDING SKATEPARKS                                 #essential #mandatory
-SKATE AS A SOCIAL TOOL                           
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-TOWARD HIGH LEVEL                              #high level training   #detection #Olympics qualifications


Our goal is to help all projects in favor of the development of SKATEBOARDING, and action sports in Jamaica and more generally in the Caribbean area. If you have a project in JA or want to create one, link we up ! Looking forward to Port Antonio, Oracabessa, Montego Bay…and more
Two skateparks in less than 1 year. So let ‘s keep on the good work people !