Boston Bay

is Jamaica’s first recognized surf spot, offering white sand beach, crystal clear water, peaky beach-break, all tides and swell range 1-8ft. Left wedge off the outside rock or there is fat right on the other side of the bay. Less consistent than long bay and perfect for beginners in the usual of waist- high soft break

Long Bay

is white sand beach, crystal clear water, dangerous currents, all tides and it is known for one the most consistent surf spot. High, Nice waves, cool water, great sand, no tourists. If you are sun sensitive bring your own umbrella, no shade. It’s good for amateur and professional all depending on how the waves are normally 1- 12 ft

Peeny Wally’s

is the best right hand point break around, breaking on most conditions. It is black sand beach with river stones on the sea bed. Performance waves walls/ face perfect for gouging man-oeuvres and it’s easier to walk back after a long one


is located 5-10 minutes away from long bay. It is reef break the waves break in one peak, clear waters. Good for a pros and experts

St Andrew

Light House

Jamnesia / 8 miles

Jamnesia surf camp you can take a lesson, rent a board, listen to music, sleep and eat plus a small skate bowl. Black sand and stones beach

Little Copa – black sand beach

St Thomas

Long boarders
Salt Pond