Where to ride in Jamaica ? Skate Surf and BMX


Boston Bay – Portland “Bmx and skate park : huge open bowl (no street)
First skatepark achieved in JA – September 2019
Insta Boston skatepark FB bostonbmxandskatepark
the skatepark has its youth centre: BBCC Boston Beach Culture Center

built by the NGO @wondersaroundtheworld / website

Also a known SURF Spot : Boston beach and secret spots

Contest PSC and Bus trip – March 8th Boston with SK876 & CJF volunteers

Bull Bay 8 miles St Andrew “Freedom Skatepark :
street park with mini ramp and small central bowl / 20 minutes away from Kingston. Second skatepark made in 6 weeks – March to mid April 2020
Insta @Freedomskateparkjayouth centre built by @Flipping youth

built by the NGO @concretejunglefoundation
see @concretejunglejamaica. website CJF concrete jungle foundation FB CJF

DYI GULLY Skatepark  – Wickie Wackie Bull Bay –
Do It Yourself first concrete spot, still in use

Jamnesia BOWL – 8 Miles Bull Bay  – made by Skateboarders
In a known SURF Spot : Jamnesia surf camp