Our original plan explained to Babsy

In March 2019 we meet the Minister of sport and Culture,the Hon. Mrs Olivia ‘Babsy’ Grange.
Before the meeting we gave her a letter of intentions or our program planning for JA that will take place between the three next summer Olympic Games 2020 ( now 2021) 2024 PARIS and 2028 L.A for the development of actions sports in Jamaica. Meeting was great, we met her twice after that.
She’s aware if the importance of skateboarding for the youth and for the country. She organized a meeting next day with the Jamaican Olympic Association JOA with Ryan Foster and Christopher Samuda. We keep the link and inform the ministry of our actions, and ask their help when needed.

This is the OUTLINE

Expand the practice of urban sports in Jamaica
Building skateparks possibly in several parishes, public skateparks, high level training and leisure
– Reveal the talents of tomorrow
: interacting with schools, events, spots, skate schools, clubs
Skate and studies  : School yards initiations, schools sports programs, detection of talents
Bringing instructors from Europe and US to transmit their knowledge to Jamaicans
Create a diploma system for teaching and coaching ensuring maximum security as is done in France
Allow every young Jamaican rich or poor to be a part of this community
Help to prepare the best Jamaican riders for the next three Olympics summer games

All being able to practice in decent skateparks , having a chance for some of them to become part of the Jamaican sport history, representing Jamaica, traveling across the world, given a positive example of ‘possible success’, succeeding to make a living, being able to live from one’s passion.

work areas

-BUILDING SKATEPARKS                                 #essential #mandatory
-SKATE AS A SOCIAL TOOL                           
#Education #Preventing crime #mixity
#transmission #construction
-TOWARD HIGH LEVEL                                  #high level training   #detection #Olympics qualifications

1/ Building proper skateparks: for proper training for strong athletes progression
Call for volunteers, bringing good expert builders, help of government to keep the skateparks public and not only in private hands or worse.

2/ Helping Jamaican riders to step up toward high level sport, building a training program on several years between France and Jamaica from 2020 to 2028 (Paris 2024), exchanges between our 2 countries, setting up a big pro-contest in J.A every year with a music festival.

3/ Skate as a SOCIAL TOOL: skate in schools, push the ones who are skilled and make sure that meanwhile they’re going to school and support them with sport and studies.  If they keep their word, they are rewarded with more training and the good skateboard gears they need. We named that program  #Eduskateme. We have already started it with one student Daniel Mattis, at Donald Quarrie High School in Harbour View. That ‘s only one example of what we can achieve.

4/ The teaching part. Encouraging the creation of skate-schools and creation of instructors jobs. Bringing experimented teachers here to train and share their experience with Jamaicans who are interested in becoming skateboard teachers, trainers or coaches.

5/ Building a Foundation  : We planned in our letter to create a Foundation to achieve this program.
This is done and registered at the companies office August 20th 2020

“To set a non-profit organization, like a foundation ‘Jamaica Skate Culture’ with foreigners and Jamaicans, to be able to raise some funds to put this plan into action. It will also include, education #eduskateme, street art, music, cultural interactions with the organizations and individuals willing to play. Working for Jamaican youth street sports improvement …JSC