‘Bout we

Jamaica Skate Culture – Foundation to develop Action sports, SK8 BMX & SURF, to build more skateparks in JA. A branch of Paris Skate Culture to multiply exchanges between France, Europe and Jamaica…Started in 2015, first action at Treasure beach sports park, 2019 UWI bowl and Boston Bay – BMX skatepark, 2020 Bull bay with Freedom skatepark foundation. We ‘re already active in Boston Bay, Bull Bay and Kingston town… We are committed to work on a national and international level to expand the growth of skateboarding and all action sports in Jamaica, to make it accessible to all. Help us make more skateparks and skate schools inna Jamaica, to discover and encourage new talents, allowing the youth to be a part of the International family of the riding community. Big up yuself ! ….
Kayla, Kimberley, Remy

See our report 2015 – 2020