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Girls skate Session Season 3 with JSC big up to  St Lucia French embassy 

Girls skate Session Season 3 starts December 21th to January 25th…

Get ready for Girls Skate Session: Season 3, a thrilling partnership between Girls Skate Jamaica and Jamaica Skate Culture. Join us for an upcoming event filled with incredible tricks, fearless skater girls, and the empowering spirit of skateboarding. Stay tuned for more updates, see you at Freedom Skatepark every thursday ! 


Girls skate Jamaica & Jamaica Skate Culture are merging in ONE FOUNDATION ! 

We are proud to announce our collaboration for the future of skateboarding in jamaica and the Caribbean… between @girlsskatejamaica and @jamaicaskateculture under one foundation’… more actions to be made, keep posted! Out of many One love One fambly



We will be offering FREE skateboarding lessons every Saturday from 11 a.m. to 1 p.m from mid-June to 2nd of September. We meet at 11 a.m. at italish restaurant 2 minutes walk from the park to grab your board and protectors, then class begins at 11:30 a.m.

With instructors: Jahvi, Deondre aka Zulu, and Tre

We are grateful for the grant we received from @lafranceasaintelucie and can’t wait to see what our students will accomplish.
To subscribe, go to and download the SKATE CULTURE APP to register online (12 spaces are available every free session)…There is also the option of taking a private class.

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Third anniversary of Bull bay Freedom skatepark

JSC Gift for the third anniversary of Freedom Skatepark

This May, JSC donated a new mini-ramp for the Freedom skatepark in Bull Bay 8 miles, to celebrate the 3 years anniversary in April of the skatepark built by the Concrete Jungle Foundation with the help of private partners including Paris Skate Culture our main donator and one of the main to that skatepark since day one. 

We decided to mark the occasion by adding a 95-centimeter-high by 6-meter-wide concrete mini-ramp to enable youngsters to learn the basics and more experienced skaters to learn new tricks. The cost was around $8,000, for a total value of $14,000 USD, with contributions from partners and volunteers including our director from Remy Walter who managed the project all the way from suggesting the idea to making it a reality with the help of a few motivated individuals…Many thanks to the Freedom skatepark staff, Blake, Ronley, Balla; to Rastaman Léon the lion, BMX Okeen Wallace, all the volunteers and Harry from UK employed as the technical construction manager. 

Many thanks to the supporters and sponsors who helped with the project: Bordeaux skate culture, VINCI jamaica Tim’, CARIB CEMENT Jamaica, Sandals Heidi, and for the discounts granted by Tankweld and Premix, Mister C block factory 10 miles…Boston skaters Zulu & Jahvi and the tourists who helped out: USA Dylan zdon, Australia Aurenin.

Our commitment to this island is a continuation of the work started in 2015 at Treasure beach and the creation of our Jamaican foundation in 2020, JAMAICA SKATE CULTURE in 2020 with our two Jamaican directors Kimberley Harris and Kayla Wheeler two involved Ladies, which is an organization with Charity status since November 2021.

Our aim is to create more skateparks and develop skateboarding in the Caribbean. The foundation has just received a $5,000 grant from the French Embassy in St Lucia to take kids from disadvantaged neighborhoods to skatepark sessions, girls’ sessions and organize two national competitions. 

Thanks to our French ambassador to Jamaica, Olivier Guyonvarcho for his support.
Long life to Freedom skatepark !

500 Days before the Olympics 2024 in PARIS in JA

500 days before the Olympics 2024 in Paris in Bull Bay Skatepark

 Freedom Skatepark and Youth Centre, in Bull Bay –  March 14, 2023 – 9  to 10 am

*Communication from the French Embassy


His Excellency Mr. Olivier Guyonvarch, Ambassador of France to Jamaica, is pleased to invite our Media partners for coverage to the event “Paris 2024 – 500 days to go”. With 18 months to go until the Paris 2024 Olympic and Paralympic Games, over 100 French Embassies and permanent representations across five continents will join for a live 24h global relay. The relay will take place on 14 March 2023, exactly 500 days before the opening ceremony of the 2024 Paris Games. The concept is simple: during a period of 24 hours, French Embassies around the world will each organize a one-hour sporting event from 9:00 a.m. to 10:00 a.m. (local time). Once their event is over, each Embassy will hand over to the next one, in the next time zone that will hold the event and so on for 24 hours. The handovers will happen virtually through their respective social media networks. The French Ministry for Europe and Foreign Affairs and partners will share the event through their own social networks, with a visibility of millions of followers.

The French Embassy in Jamaica will partner with French national Mr. Rémy Walter, founder of Paris Skate Culture and Jamaica Skate Culture, in association with the Freedom Skatepark Foundation, for this event, to be held at the Freedom Skatepark and Youth Centre, in Bull Bay, March 14th from 9:00 to 10:00 a.m. H.E. Olivier Guyonvarch will host the event. Participants will include the local community (skaters, artistes and school children).

Skateboarding will indeed be an Olympic discipline of the 2024 Paris Games. Not only a sport, it also represents a culture on its own and is a strong tool for social inclusion, allowing people from different socioeconomic backgrounds and cultures to connect, which is in full accordance with the Olympic values. The French Embassy decided to organize this event with Jamaica Skate Culture and the Freedom Skatepark Foundation at Bull Bay, because this project also plays a strong role in supporting the community and giving back to the children of the area. 


We’ve been waiting for a long time to live that moment. Built in April 2020 during the beginning of the pandemic, Bullbay skatepark AKA FREEDOM Skatepark as been functioning with help of volunteers, sponsors and donors as best as we could with Freedom skatepark foundation members and staff. It is a great success in term of impact on the youth and development of skateboarding in Jamaica. Built by volunteers from 10 countries. The project coordinated by CJF Concrete Jungle Foundation, is the first JA skatepark to be active, alive and kicking ! With its educational programs, homework, music, gardening, this is a safe place for kids and young adults, a welcoming place for the all fambly...We hope more Freedom concrete park will rise from the Will of freedom fighters and skaters. We wish long life and many children to the @freedomskateparkja and his fambly) 


Feel free to support the project… CLICK HERE to FS website… Big up yuself’ 

 CHECK THE PHOTOS ALBUM – Link to Gleaner Article OCT 13th by asha.wilks@gleanerjm.

Interview bout’ JSC  – extract article ” :

Rémy Walter, founder, and director of Jamaica Skate Culture Foundation told The Gleaner that his Intention and that of the other partners is to build more skateparks across Jamaica. He argued that this could not be the only locations’ kids to travel from other parishes to visit and engage in the sport. Walter stated that additional parks could result in the hosting of interparish competitions and give youth the opportunity to rack up accolades and win prizes. He also hopes to develop a mobile skatepark program, where skateparks are brought to schools across the Island for more children to be exposed to the sport.”Beyond skateboarding, we try to bring education. We’re trying to build values and respect; we try to teach them something about life, about sharing, Walter said.”lt’s action time, and the youth of this country need support. They need education because so much violence going on, not only ln Jamaica … lt’ s ugly, but what we need to do is to set an example and do our best to try to help those kids to develop into better persons; he added.  Walter said that he ls currently engaging partners in discussions to build a skatepark in Negril

During the opening ceremony, Alando Terrelonge, minister of state for culture, gender, entertainment, and sports, noted that sport empowers youth and has to ability to make considerably change lives. every”Sports may not be able to solve every single minute detail of crime and violence, but certainly, it is highly effective when used and combined with other that holistic interventions and programmes that can influence and engender hope; he said. 

-Photos : LEFT /Stunt by Elishama Beckford and Nicholas Thompson / MIDDLE Joshua Mattis / RIGHT /Alando Terrelonge (second right), minister of state ln the Ministry of Culture, Gender, Entertainment and Sport. is assisted in maintaining his balance on a skateboard by Remy Walter (right) of Paris Skate Culture and Jamaica Skate Culture Foundation while Heidi Clarke (second left), executive director of Sandals Foundation, is assisted by Kayla Wheeler, female representative, Girls Skateboarding in Jamaica. 

The occasion was Wednesday’s OPENING of FREEDOM SKATEPARK ln Bull Bay, St Andrew. 

Article by / Photos Ian Allen




Wanna help ? Link JSC foundation

Read Eli Reed Interview one of our Ambassador in Thrasher Magazine Nov. about Jamaica skateboarding and RVCA Jamaica Tour with PRO Team : Mark Suciu skater of the year, Curren Caples, Donta Hill, Julian Davidson, Evan Mock. Thanks to Austin and RVCA crew for this opportunity. We need more pros coming on the Island and more skateparks ) Come again ! ! !



Watch Kayla Wheeler one of our board director and Kadiya McDonald on TVJ Week end Smile empowering girls through skateboarding and Kayla in an interview in “Empress Golding / Nation Wide radio. On August 13th, the GIRL SKATE DAY was a big success in Bull Bay’s at FREEDOM skatepark @freedomskateparkja


UNDER-18  2:30 – 4:00 P.M. OVER +18  4:30 – 6:00 P.M

Follow them on @girlskatejamaica 

Read more  : Gleaner august 15 th 

Skateboarder gives girl injection of self-belief

Demo Freedom Bull Bay skatepark May 18 th

You’ re all welcome this Wednesday May 18 th from 3 pm to 6 pm at the Freedom skatepark in Bull bay 8 miles with RVCA pros team : Mark Suciu, Donta Hill, Curren Caples, Julian Davidson and their JA ambassador Eli Reed ! Thanks to @rvcaskate #loveskateboarding @freedomskateparkja

Photo : Half Way Tree  Transport Centre – Kingston JA
From the right to the left : Remy Walter JSC, Joshua & Daniel Mattis JSC team, Frog boss, *Curren Caples, Eli Reed, *Mark Suciu, *Donta Hill, *Julian Davidson ( *=Team RVCA)

CJF Bull Bay trip to Boston

Jamaica Skateboarding EduSkate’s Graduating Excursion

The Concrete Jungle Foundation (CJF) is a UK registered charity organization which works to build skateparks in underprivileged communities around the world. These public parks are then locally staffed and facilitated with youth programs and centers. The Freedom Skatepark is CJF’s third project and is located in 8 mile, Bull Bay, Jamaica – just south of Kingston. This video gives you a glimpse of our graduating class and their first skateboarding excursion to Boston Bay. Enjoy !



Freedom Skatepark is the second skatepark in Jamaica. Made possible by the Concrete Jungle Foundation, their many partners and passionate young local surfers and skaters, the SK876 crew. The park has given the youth of Jamaica an outlet to express themselves. In this documentary we explore the process of how and why the park was built, along with the work they have done over a year after it’s completion. Thank you to Concrete Jungle Foundation and everyone involved in making the Freedom Skatepark a reality…

X-MAS JAM contest at freedom Park

Great session at the freedom skatepark for Christmas, good skate, respectful and well organized by the the FS crew Big up to all the judges, speakers, volunteers, staff, board of the foundation and all visitors who enjoyed this refreshing moment

LECHOPPE Skateshop and Jamaica Skate Culture donated 12 new decks for Bull Bay Skateboard School…and gifts during the event.  Boards to the winners and all children came back with griptape, tshirts, and goodies.

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The Freedom To Flourish documentary by jago Stock

Have a taste of the “FREEDOM to Flourish” !  Concrete Jungle Foundation present this 2021 documentary at the FREEDOM SKATEPARK in Bull Bay.

Seeing how skateboarding can change lives. Sparkels of poetry in a suburb of  Kingston. Fifteen minutes away from town. Facing ‘Copa Cobana’.

Come sk8 in 8 Miles Bull Bay St Andrew with SK876 skateboarders 

A FLIM by Jaco Stock and Tim Van Asdonc…

Concrete Jungle Foundation presents  ‘Freedom to Flourish’, a short documentary by Jago Stock. Let’s get into Freedom skatepark in Bull Bay, 8 miles in Jamaica, fifteen minutes from Kingston in St Andrew parish. The park has been made by Concrete Jungle Foundation a  European NJO with the help of volunteers from 10 countries, and partners such as Sandals , Seprod, the Skateroom, Flipping youth,  Paris Skate Culture, New Line, carib cement, Pre Mix, Tank Weld and Vinci JA for lending us essential tools. From march to April 2020 almost starting with the pandemic this has been an epic and happy adventure… In that movie you can feel and touch what is bring to the community and to those kids that started skateboarding with this concrete wave. Thanks to all that are making dreams come true and believe in the power of a piece of wood with wheels. Meet the staff, and the local actors such as SK876, Shama, Ivah ,Ronald, Daniel, Frogboss, Kayla, Rayquon and see the magic of a commun effort for the commun good. Thanks to the founders of this project and help putting it together : Kevin Bourke, Will Wilson from Flipping Youth and CJF for making it a reality. Big up to Paul and the Bull Bay football club, Jamnesia for hosting the crew, Julian Mair for fencing the park and all parents and volunteers in every day life of Freedom Skatepark JA !

 If you like what you see, you can donate to maintain and improve the place and the youth center programme, on the Freedom foundation website. @freedomskateparkja

Andre “Wildfaya” Thompson stabbed at the age of 20 years old in Spanish town, was the main inspiration to create this safe place for all. In 2009 he was dreaming, asking out loud for a skatepark to be built for Jamaican youth. The skatepark is dedicated to his memory…His DREAM is fulfilled Discover him in this video from 2009

Follow CJF @cjfjamaica @concretejunglefoundation